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Case study:

"Our site is easy to navigate, looks terrific, and the CMS is easy to use."

Katya Henry, businessdynamics

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Enabling communications for businessdynamics

businessdynamics Logo

businessdynamics is a business education and enterprise charity that aims to bring business to life for young people. They take students into companies and take people from companies to students to inspire and share with them the exciting world of business and enterprise.

The businessdynamics team

The businessdynamics team are an active bunch who continually develop new projects, win corporate sponsorship for them and implement them.

Enabling communications

picture of newspapersA big part of their work is communication and that's where the website comes into its own. It informs students, parents and teachers about each new opportunity. It tells companies how to get involved. It also provides downloads and the latest information to help volunteers and participants get involved in the events. They needed a site that was quick and easy to update to keep this varied and demanding audience happy.

Update the website in an instant

content management in action

The WYSIWYG editor is a standard part of our CMS - learn more about Clarity's content management systems>>>

With Clarity's editmaker content management system they can do all that they need in an instant. The structure of the CMS (content management system) mirrors their site, so the right page is easy to find. An online WYSIWYG editor makes it easy for them to make changes. The HTML Style Sheets used by the site means that all new material looks good and fits in with the existing design.

Great technical partners

On top of all that, as Katya Henry says, "Clarity were a delight to work with". Why not contact us today and find out how we can help with your IT and internet needs.