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Global headlines for the innovative SMS texting service for the charity Brook

Clarity grow online turnover from nothing to 80 000 a month for Aspace in first year

Clever application development and integration for Atlas Translations

Intranet and office integration for SIS

content management

editmaker Content Management

Clarity's editmaker content management solutions literally make updating your website as easy as writing a word document.

How is content management made easy?

Because we give you a Word style editor that works in the browser. If you spot a mistake in the text, or need to update a press release, you can do so from anywhere in the world - simply by logging on to your content management area.

Editing a page with Clarity's content management system

Clarity's editmaker content management system helps young people's charity Rainer update their pages using familiar tools.

It's so simple!

Don't worry about learning HTML; with one of Clarity's bespoke content management systems, anybody can take responsibility for your website with little or no training. You simply select the page you want to edit, and then make changes exactly as you would in a normal word processor - highlight text, copy and paste it, import pictures, draw tables...

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What if I make a mistake?

You can preview any changes you make so that you know exactly how the page will look once it goes 'live' on your site. When you're happy with the page, a single click will publish it.

By controlling the look of your pages with stylesheets and templates, Clarity's content management solutions also make it easy for you to maintain the professional 'designed' look of your website.

Accessibility guidelines

Clarity's content management solutions can automatically generate text-only versions of your website pages to allow easy access to all, or access-friendly templates can be integrated to provide universal access as per Government guidelines.

Can Clarity's content management systems be 'retro-fitted'?

If you're happy with the way your website looks and works, but just wish it was easier to maintain, Clarity can 'retro-fit' content management to your existing website.

Content management examples

Many of the websites in our portfolio employ Clarity's content management.