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Intranet and office integration for SIS

Case study:

Atlas Translations increased efficiency so much they were able to close an office

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Atlas Translations freelance agency uses web to cut costs


Atlas translations approached Clarity for help when the spreadsheet and paper based system they used to manage their freelancers buckled under the pressure.

With more than 2300 registered freelancers available for work it had become really difficult to find the right person for different jobs - particularly when specialist industry knowledge might be required.

Heavy administrative burden

As more freelancers registered each week the burden of manually taking up references and filing away the CVs filled valuable staff time - not to mention trying to keep everything up to date as freelancers moved about and changed their details.

Improvements needed

Clearly, the first priority was to fit out Atlas translations with a speedy database so they could search all their contacts for the best match to a particular job - even with complex criteria.

But how would the database be populated with all the information on those 2000+ CVs? That's a lot of typing. And could the processing of new applications and updates be speeded up?

Diagram of integrated applications development using SQL Server and Access for Atlas Translations

Paying close attention to Atlas Translation's business needs enabled us to deliver an effective integrated application that cut costs.

Integrated office/internet solution

Clarity's approach was to build an office system closely integrated with the web. The bespoke database system based on Microsoft Access allows staff to perform complex searches in seconds. Now it's easy to identify the best candidates for each new job - even when a range of different criteria must be met - and compare rates, previous work and other deciding factors.

Microsoft Access application development for Atlas Translations

The feature rich Access development environment allows office applications to be built quickly, in a style that's familiar to PC users

Online application form

But better than that, the office system talks directly to the Atlas Translations website and a new online application form. New freelancers answer a range of questions and are entered directly into the Atlas Translations database. Emails are automatically sent to the individuals they have provided as references: so the whole application process is now completed in an electronic workflow that cuts out the typing for Atlas staff.

Online forms

Clarity's experience in developing online forms makes the Atlas form easy to follow - despite the depth of information required

What about existing freelancers?

We emailed all the existing freelancers as soon as the new application form was ready. The email contained a link, allowing each person to add updated details about their rates and experience directly into the Atlas database. That's more time saved for Atlas staff!

We make things easy to use. Clarity's skill in developing online applications ensures that people can easily fill out the application form even though the information they need to supply is quite complex.

A good customer relationship

Clarity's team are now talking to Atlas translations about improving and integrating their other systems, such as purchase order and invoicing processes.

Clarity make software for business

Clarity's focus is on understanding your business and producing solutions that match your needs. That can involve integrating the web with your office processes. In addition to the Atlas translations work you may also like to see how we helped SIS organise thousands of horse racing videos or how we integrated Brook's call centre with mobile phone texting (SMS) technology.

We are also the team behind commercial office applications such as Project Costing Systems (PCS™) and the Picture Safe™ media library system as well as desktop application for clients including L'Oreal and Kentucky Fried Chicken.